voyager contact
The following clips are behind-the-scenes footage shot on the set of Contact. Click on any of them to download. If you have the Quicktime plug-in, the clips will load in your browser. To avoid this, option-click on a Mac or shift-click on a PC to download the clip to your hard drive.

clip Director Robert Zemeckis sets up a shot with Jodie Foster in the Oval Office set (25 secs., 1.6 megs)
Robert Zemeckis discusses blocking with Matthew McConaughey while Jodie Foster goofs off (29 secs., 1.6 megs) clip
clip Robert Zemeckis and Jodie Foster discuss a bit of technical dialogue (20 secs., 1.2 megs)
Matthew McConaughey works out some character points with Robert Zemeckis (11 secs., 678k) clip
clip Jodie Foster and James Woods run lines while Robert Zemeckis looks on, then goes over blocking with Foster, Woods, and Tom Skerritt (27 secs., 1.6 megs)
Jodie Foster acts in front of a bluescreen, pointing at things which are not there (1 min. 20 secs., 4.8 megs) clip
clip Robert Zemeckis goes over a complex shot with Jodie Foster on the set of the Machine (22 secs., 1.4 megs)
Robert Zemeckis hashes out a scene with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConnaughey (40 sec., 2.3 megs) clip
clip Ann Druyan talks with Robert Zemeckis and producer Steve Starkey about finishing the film after Carl Sagan passed away (38 secs., 2.2 megs)


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